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A compilation of guides, canon spots, and important information every member should know before they start their journey in FTD. Please read about the magic system here.
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In here you'll find the application template you'll need to create your character. You must have an accepted character before you start roleplaying. Make sure to post in the Notification Thread when you're finished your application.
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This is where you may post plot threads where others may venture in and, after reading your character's information, reply offering you threads with that information in mind.
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All of your shopping and upgrading will be done within this board. Further information and templates are all included in here. Also, if you need to make a non-superficial change to your application, fill out the request form and submit it here.
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You will find information about how to create and join missions, their respective rewards and templates inside as well. You will also find information on staff-created missions. When you're finished with your mission, fill out the form and submit it to this board to have it reviewed for rewards. This also serves as the reward turn-in board for socials.
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Only a thousand or so feet away down a rolling hillside is Dacite Village; the beginnings of a farming community bordered by recovering fields and right on the edge of a river. Surviving by maintaining a surplus of livestock, domesticated beasts stay put against their will in crude barns. This town is known for a surplus of raider attacks, their defenses mainly the support of other settlements they trade with frequently. Aside from the few larger buildings; big, plastered, breeze-block structures that serve a municipal function, the settlement is entirely comprised of small stone cottages with thick shale slabs on the roof.
Herbal Remedies [Open Mission] by Saros Rigel, Oct 16, 2019 19:42:54 GMT
Gabbro City is a fortified settlement. With large stone walls surrounding this city, the inhabitants are protected from the rampaging magical beasts which lurk beyond the walls. The twisted spires of crude, patchwork buildings reach above the walls, hinting at the resilient community of gearheads within.
Rhyolite Village is situated in a valley surrounded by mountainous terrain covered in forests, which serve to give the area a naturalistic landscape. Homes are constructed along the contours of the land, to conserve the natural beauty. There's is little in terms of concrete architecture, the primitive homes mostly being things such as tribal tents, simple structures made from the surrounding trees and stone, and "walls" in the form of the natural vegetation, wooden spikes and other sharp implements from scrap yard runs. Other than that, it is a very verdant location, filled with unique flora and fauna that has grown over since the Calamity.
A rural settlement staking their survival on agriculture, notoriously lacking in fighters. It differs from Dacite Village in that it doesn't have as many beasts, but has less destroyed soil, allowing for greater produce of vegetables and fruit. With expansive fields and lawns visible upon sun-weathered hills, farmlands stretch in all directions around this humble settlement. The village center is an open marketplace where farmers come to trade their goods and produce. The homes are as humble as the village itself, a collection of worn, straw-bale houses with a simple wood and metal fence surrounding the village as a whole.
Bullnappers [closed/mission] by Kin Harle, Oct 12, 2019 9:40:32 GMT
In the wake of the apocalypse, mother nature had reclaimed the ruins of an ancient town. Moss and twisting vines grow all over concrete buildings. Trees and other foliage sprout of the pavements and roads. Underneath the twisting leaves and thick tree branches are crumbling buildings and chunks of concrete debris. This spot is a known for supply runs, a place where the remnants of the world continuously ransack it for scraps.
Mansion Mischief [social | closed] by Kin Harle, Oct 12, 2019 9:06:30 GMT
A little northwest of the center of Alakitasia is a settlement not even raiders feel inclined to raid, leaving magical beasts their only blight. This community, housing themselves within works of questionable, but functional craftsmanship with heavy use of tires and rusted metal, are known to dab in the occult. People are known to go missing after entering this eerie place, believed to be sacrificed for power that will help them survive in their gritty environment. The ones who come back report that this town does not have a conventional wall, but rather rows of effigies made from various beasts and perhaps even the missing travelers. With black magic at their fingertips, they are adept at foraging and fending themselves against magical beasts.
When the Calamity happened, the sheer amount of black magic released from the various weapons of mass destruction wafted over Earthland as a whole, and some places are more blighted with the ensuing miasma than others. Scoria is one such location, once a great, populous metropolis and now an expanse of crumbling buildings, the power wafting through the air not allowing for vegetation to return. This place is notorious for housing not only magical beasts, but hostile mutants, shells of people who are hardly different than the creatures they share grounds with. They don't need the remnants of technology and food sources within, or perhaps they aren't smart enough to find and put it to use. It would be a tempting place to lead expeditions into if not for the miasma and occupants. The problem is the beasts and mutants alike tend to leave these foul breeding grounds in search of people--that is, food.
Kidnap? [mission/ open to 1] by Notorious B.I.G., Oct 8, 2019 0:39:16 GMT
A truly grotesque location, this settlement is found west of Scoria, underneath a completely destroyed city called Sarkinite. There is absolutely nothing left of the city besides rubble, getting the worst of the Calamity, and since the top is as uninhabitable for people as Scoria is, the people have resorted to living in the sewers. Making houses out of foraged junkyard scrap in the sewer network itself, they are surprisingly safe from the elements and beasts outside. However, food is obviously scarce, resulting in some heinous practices. The living is the epitome of unhygienic, and there are mutants within their population who have retained intelligence and reason. They travel through the sewer network, giving them unorthodox passage into other settlements and cities when their supply of rat livestock runs low and they must forage for survival.
sewer people (mission/closed) by A.J. Godfrey, Sept 22, 2019 18:57:47 GMT
Shale Town was formed by a group of like-minded individuals who shared one sole motivation: survival at all costs. Filled with less than reputable people, this is a settlement who are not shy about shaking down other towns, travelers, and abandoned cities and aren't big on sharing. Practically made from a junkyard, this metal heavy "town" is comprised of patchwork buildings made from whatever sheets of metal and scrap they could find, making up for what they lack in insulation with sturdier defenses. It is surrounded by razor wire fences lined with everything from spikes, metal sheets, manhole covers, etc. There are many raiders, and the backbone of the community is none other than Odin's Spear, known as the post-apocalyptic mafia after seventy years of development. Not big on produce, they get by from taking, and sometimes trading, with others.
OST, ft. AJ & Kasumi by A.J. Godfrey, Oct 17, 2019 4:12:47 GMT
Falling is a joke in Basalt Town. With gravity more along the likes of the moon, this settlement is occupied by floating structures that could be called houses. The defense mechanism of the town is just that; since they are elevated, it keeps monsters disinterested in trying to figure out ways to efficiently attack and or raid them. This floating expanse of rubble and scraps has crude houses speckled between the gaps, who have no choice but to send aspirants out to gather supplies regularly.
Beginning of the end [closed/fight] by Koji Nyctores, Oct 12, 2019 1:24:31 GMT
Granite Town resembles more like a nuclear aftermath than a real town. It's located in an enormous crater of unknown but likely explosive origins. Perhaps owing to this location, a thick cloud of poisonous gas permeates through the air making permanent residence in the town an impossibility without adequate protection. The streets are populated by people in gas masks. It is a wonder why anyone would choose to live here. The poison and the ramshackle scrap houses aside, it makes it a near impossibility to be attacked by others unless they have protection against the hellish conditions themselves.
Hide-out [mission/ Anniken] by A.J. Godfrey, Oct 9, 2019 12:36:33 GMT
Constructed from the remains of a port city by the same name, this is a seaside settlement. The living conditions are harsh. With the sea bringing in a cold breeze and the lack of of insulated buildings, the inhabitants dwelling in what is essentially glorified fishing shacks, living here is a test of will. They survive through fishing, be it through spear, rod or cheap nets. Much of the population is deprived of proper nutrition, making dangerous runs for left over medication and trade with settlements big on fruits and vegetables mandatory.
Bubble bubble [closed/mission] by Romance Solomon, Oct 13, 2019 16:13:30 GMT
Near Port Boulder, Adakite Island was a former vacationing spot for many people across the land, known for its tropical environment and enjoyable beaches. Since the Calamity, its fauna has gorged itself on excess magical power from the release of countless weapons of mass destruction, and what little civilization it had obliterated. It is now a dangerous, sweltering island filled with man-eating magical beasts and a volcano people theorize may eventually become active. There are dense jungles and a few settlements, mainly initiated by people who have been stuck on the landmass since the Calamity and has put its natural resources to use. Of course, there are many disputes over food and resources, both with other settlements and the magical beasts.
Fruit Dispute [mission/open] by Snow, Oct 14, 2019 6:51:16 GMT
The Siltstone Wetlands are marshlands on the eastern side of Alakitasia. With an excessive amount of canopy from towering trees and vegetation, these poorly lit lands are essentially a giant swamp. One can expect everything from demon toads to giant alligators here. These malodorous lands are typically wreathed in clouds of swamp flies, making for unhygienic living conditions when paired with the suffocating humidity. Settlements are few, but they exist, and they enjoy a relatively variable menu thanks to the availability of wildlife and plant life; the few that don't kill them with poison, anyway.
return to sender (ft. ivory volkov) by Ivory Volkov, Oct 16, 2019 6:02:00 GMT
In the northernmost parts of the country is a snowy wasteland inadequate in supporting comfortable life. Beasts such as yetis, their strange cousins the vulcans, giant polar bears, ice wyverns and more blight the unforgiving lands. Wreathed in a near constant blizzard, there isn't a time of year where this frozen hell isn't layered in snow and dense ice. As a result, there is only one ill-fated settlement in this area.
Water Weaver [mission/ closed] by Kiyomi Tenma, Oct 13, 2019 18:41:34 GMT
Named for its white sands, when living conditions were ideal this was considered a beautiful location. Now, it is dominated by insidious creatures such as giant, mutated scorpions and things like elephant-sized sand worms. On top of that is the blistering heat, the minimum daily temperature being around 41 Celsius (105F), which often kills travelers before the wild things do. There are a number of barebones, metal patchwork settlements here, and the area seems expansive enough to be popular with raiders. One settlement stands out among the rest, however.
Alakitasian Nights [mission/closed] by Mercy Godfrey, Oct 16, 2019 2:07:16 GMT
Anywhere within Alakitasia that hasn't been categorized in another board.
Lost & Found [Closed, Mission] by Kasumi Ito, Oct 16, 2019 22:26:53 GMT


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